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The  Astro Veda   Refers to the Branch of Indian Astrology developed in Kerala in a more scientific way with a greater practical application. 

The Horoscope and other aspects like Matching are based on the time, date and place of birth. But even if one or all of these are not available, then also the details of a person can be known by taking a thatkal prasna. 

The conclusions and predictions are error-free and scientific and bring exactly the desired results. 

Jyotiṣha is one of the Vedāṅga, the six auxiliary disciplines used to support Vedic rituals. Astrology is the science of the effects of planetary movements on our lives. 

Astrology is based on astronomy, and astrologers need to know the correct positions of the planets at any given time, as well as the correct positions of the zodiacal fixed star signs in relation to any place on earth at any given time. 

Once the correct positions of the signs and planets are known, astrologers can construct charts representing these positions. And using his knowledge, the astrologer can study the charts and can make a wide range of conclusions about the moment the chart was cast for. 

Primarily, astrology is used to understand one's self, and our karma for this life


Thanthrik remedies are very effective as they are based on the Astrological calculations and are found effective for centuries. Yantra literally means "Instrument or Machine", which is used for various purposes such as to diminish the ill effects of the nine planets, to attain good health and prosperity, to enhance the quality of one's life, attract prosperity, abundance, love, harmony, peace, enhance learning, promote healing, relieve health problems, for career advancement, achieve desired goals in projects, improve business, remove obstacles and protection from negative forces.

We have advised directors, producers, writers, actors, technicians, financiers (both individuals and groups) as well as a major financing company across a broad assortment of aspects of the feature film industry. 
The format of such consultations has ranged between simple one-to-one advice from just a few hours discussion to our assembling a team of twelve people over a period of several months. 
Our advice has covered every aspect: from development to production to distribution to sales agency. 

We work exclusively for the interest of those who have secured our services. Indeed, in many cases, we have advised financiers not to invest in certain films. . 

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